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As part of its Global Reach program, the ARNGC offers the Research Partner Forum, an online venue for researchers to post their work in an online public forum. The Forum is part of the ARNGC's effort to foster a global community of scholars around the world who would like to share their findings and insights.

The ARNGC welcomes work that pertains to globalization and communication from any discipline. For example, you can submit a short paper based on a larger project you are currently working on. Or, perhaps you want to post a set of findings based on a recent study. Both theoretical and empirical submissions are welcome and encouraged. The point is that the Global Reach: Research Partner Forum is designed to provide a venue for your work in a place visited by a wide audience of globalization scholars.

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Ali Wyne
Undergraduate student
Departments of Management and Political Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Abstract: Few phenomena that are associated with globalization inspire as impassioned a debate as its impact on national governance. Some scholars fear that globalization inexorably results in the dissolution of state power, while others scarcely see evidence for such a posture. After detailing each of these positions, I examine several empirical studies on this subject, and challenge the notion of the receding welfare state. In particular, I conclude that while globalization indeed imposes some restraints on national governments, it also compels them to become more engaged and proactive, so as to protect their citizens against unpredictable oscillations of economic activity.
Download link: Ali_Wyne.pdf
Posted: January 21, 2006 comments (4017)

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