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Meta-Analysis of Globalization Research
Dr. Patricia Riley and members of the ARNGC research team are currently working on a meta-analysis of published research findings related to globalization. This project has grown out of the ARNGC goal of establishing a comprehensive library of published scholarly material on globalization and communication – across a wide variety of academic disciplines and perspectives.

Initial findings from this research will be presented at the International Commumication Association conference in New York City on May 30, 2005. The abstract to this presentation is posted here:

Questioning the Dialogue: Is Communication Research Foundational to a Theory of Globalization?

Media globalization raises new questions for the study of international news flows. According to H. Denis Wu’s (1998) meta-analysis of existing studies of international news flows, the majority of research has focused on the impact of “gate-keeper” and “logistical” determinants of news flows. We offer that studies of globalization (Held & McGrew 1999; Castells, 2000; Appadurai, 1996) can compliment the current understanding of news flow determinants, by suggesting that we re-categorize studies to reflect existing theoretical views of media and economic globalization. We present an update to Wu’s meta-analysis of news flow studies by demonstrating how both gate-keeping and logistical news flow determinants reflect historical shifts in media globalization over time, concurrent with other indicators of globalization. We conclude by suggesting how future studies of news flow determinants can incorporate theoretical insights from globalization studies, such as how global media ownership, financial, and cultural networks structure the flow of news in a global media era.

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