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Globalization Data Library Project
WTO Data

Statistical database of WTO trade

International trade statistics 1998-2004>

National trade statistics

World Bank Data

World Bank Data

Data on globalization

IMF Data

Global financial data and financial data by country


Data on newspapers by country by year (Number and circulation)

Data on culture and communication

Data on education


Data on the condition of children organized by country

War and Peace Data

UN General Data

A master list of all the database of international statistics

World Population

Global environment data

UNAIDS: data on global HIV/AIDS situation

Food and agriculture organization: data on food production and trade, land use, nutrition, etc.

Department of economic and social affairs

UN crime and justice information network

Demographic Health Surveys

Global policy Forum

Provide data that measure globalization in terms of economy, politics, culture, law, and technology. Includes many case studies.


Data organized by topics, including economy, social welfare, education, science, development, etc.,2639,en_2825_293564_1_1_1_1_1,00.html

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